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The Oncoming Wave

Cartoon John Dempsey

Fencing with NCTD:
Brown Act Violations
Don Mosier
Bud Emerson

Winston Woes

Eco Crowdfunding
Valérie Dufort-Roy

Drought Resistance
Mel Katz | San Diego County Water Authority Board of Directors representing the City of Del Mar

The Eyes Have It
Photos Julie Maxey-Allison

Tunnel Troubles
Ann Gardner
Dee Rich

Power Picks
Don Mosier

Third Quarter Financials:
Good News!

Tom McGreal

Cicada Science
Sudeepto Roy

Juice Joint
Julie Maxey-Allison

Hover Craft
Julie Maxey-Allison

Paradise Lost?
Ariel Renner

Best Beach
Julie Maxey-Allison

DMF June 2021:
Art and the Dust of Life
Betty Wheeler, DMF President

DMCC June 2021
Ashley Simpkins, Program Director

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JUNE 2021

Update 04/28/2021
The Oncoming Wave

Long-term problems require long-term perspectives. Those of us with a 10-year perspective may not be concerned about the existential threat of sea-level rise, but our children and grandchildren will have to deal with the consequences of our action or inaction. The ocean is warming, ice caps are melting and sea levels will continue to rise throughout the rest of this century (see Figure 1 above). The 0.9-foot increase forecast for 2030 may not seem like that much, but you should remember that translates into a 90-foot increase in beach run-up. If you walked along our beach this spring, you could see that the bases of sea walls were exposed north of 27th street, and the entire beach was much flatter at low tide than in previous years. The explanation from Scripps Institute of Oceanography (SIO) scientists is that high tides were bouncing off the sea walls and carrying away sand. Sea walls protect property but not the beach.


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June Print Issue
Fencing with NCTD:
Brown Act Violations

Don Mosier | Rimini Road and Bud Emerson | Klish Way
Residents in the old Taylor-section of Del Mar were given a pedestrian bridge over the tracks near the foot of 10th Street. The bridge eventually deteriorated and was removed. The rumor on the street is that a replacement bridge was promised.
Mary Arballo at the bridge in 1936.

Photo courtesy Del Mar Historical Society.

If Del Mar expects something better for our community than a 6-foot chain link fence blocking the bluffs, it needs to get its act together. The NCTD Board met May 20, 2021 to consider awarding a contract for $380,000+ for a study to gather more information about potential alternatives to NCTD’s proposed 6-foot chain link fence along both sides of the rail right of way along the Del Mar bluffs. Although the NCTD staff report indicated that the proposed study was in response to a request from Del Mar and the Coastal Commission for more information, Del Mar Mayor Terry Gaasterland (who serves as Del Mar’s alternate to the NCTD Board), abstained on the final vote, which approved the study on a 6-2-1 vote.

June Print Issue
Hover Craft
Julie Maxey-Allison | 10th Street
Hummingbirds on feeder.
Photo Virginia Lawrence
Hummingbirds. You have to be quick to spot them.

With wings that flap from 20 to 200 times a second, hummingbirds are fast flyers, able to dart up, down, sideways, upside down and even backwards—the only bird to do so.

Plus they know how to hover, maintaining their position in midair. This is key. Ninety percent of the energy required to fuel their flights comes from flowering plants (and nectar from feeders). These nectivores that weigh in at less than a nickel (5 grams) round out their diet with protein rich insects. During the day they are busy snacking every 15 minutes. With all that eating, adjusting for size, a hummingbird eats 77 times more a day than an average human. When night comes they switch to a form of hibernation, slowing their heart and breathing rates and lowering their body temperatures.

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